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Tips For Any Cash Loan Customer

Here are the top 10 tips that I provide to consumers that want to get a payday loan. Even if you have gotten a cash advance loan before, these are some real good tips you can use before, during, and after you get a payday loan.

  1. Always write down the URL ( http://www.website.com) where you got your payday loan. Even if the company is just generating leads, you can email them and they can more than likely put you in touch with who funded your faxless loan.
  2. Every piece of paperwork you receive keep in a safe place. These companies do thousands of loans a month and they are not going to take your word for it. Keep the paperwork so you can prove any payments. Also by keeping your paperwork you will have the contact information you need to request an extension on your loan or even pay it in full prior to the due date.
  3. Try to borrow some or all of the money from a friend or family member. Even if you only borrow $100 from a friend that will save you $25 more in payday fees.
  4. Try to save some money. Even if you only save $20 a week, that is money you can use when you have an emergency. Think about it if you save $20 a week for 3 months, you have $240 for just in case.
  5. Try not to borrow more money than you can pay back. I know that your options may be limited, but if you can pass less on bill to pay another bill, it will be much better for you than trying to pay off a loan that you cannot afford.
  6. Try to keep a budget. Take an honest look at your expenses and see what you can get rid of. If you are a smoker, then nothing be said.
  7. Plan ahead if you are going to get an extension. Do not wait till the last second to request an extension because it will typically take the company a day to get your extension processed. Get it done at least two days before and try to pay at least some of the money off when you get an extension.
  8. Watch out for people that let you agree to a loan online, you need read their entire terms and conditions before you agree to anything like this.
  9. Never email your SS# to a lender when inquiring about a payday loan. The company could just be a lead generator.
Always remember that payday loans are for emergencies not when you just need a little extra cash. They are to cover absolute necessities.




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