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These are questions that you as a consumer asked and we are more than happy to answer all of them. Remember that we provide this as general information so you can get the information you need before you make a final decision. If you decide to go along with the process then by all means use the button above to get the information and money you are looking for.

Question: How long is the process from me completing your application to me receiving the money I need right now?

Answer: Since we maintain a fax system, a loan can be approved within 1 hour of the application being submitted online. After that you will receive the information on your loan and the money of course on the next business day. Please remember that you need to submit the application during our normal hours to get it completed the next day. The one piece of advice we can give is to get your application in as quick as you can so that you can get your loan completed in time and when you want it.

Question: Since I am getting a faxless payday loan, does it mean that I will be getting the money faster?

Answer: Yes, by taking out the faxing process, you are saving a lot of time because you no longer have to send in any more paperwork.

Question: Exactly how much money can I receive when I apply for a loan?

Answer: It used to be that you could only get a maximum of $500 for a loan, but because of recent improvements you can now get a cash advance for up to $1000. We do recommend that you do not take out more money than can afford because it can lead to you borrowing more than you can afford to pay back.

Question: What is the best piece of advice that can be given to someone who is considering getting one of these loans?

Answer: There a few pieces of advise that are important. The first piece of advice is to plan ahead, if you think you are not going to pay off your loan on time, then make sure to contact the lender a few days before it is due. The second is to make sure to keep any paperwork that you receive. Any paperwork you receive at all. The third and final as I mentioned before is to look into all options before you go out and get a loan, even if someone cannot lend you all the money you need, someone may still be able to give you some of the money you need.

Question: Should I pay back my loan early if I have the money to do so?

Answer: Absolutely there is no reason you should not do this, paying back your loan early only helps you in the long run. You get rid of debt and also set yourself up with a positive record when you need a payday loan in the future.



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