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Savings Account and why they don't work with Faxless Payday loans

Many companies are now offering payday loans for people that do not have a checking account or would prefer to use their savings account. Now with a checking account you can get faxless payday loan no problem, but with a saving account it is a completely different story because the routing and account numbers used for savings account are completely different. This means you can still apply for a payday loan online, but you cannot complete the payday loan unless you fax in a bank statement, driver's license, and some other needed information for your loan. So one word of advice is to transfer the money from your savings account to your checking account so you can get a faxless loan. Now if you have a negative balance and that is the whole reason you want to get savings account payday loan, then that is a different story.

I do not have a checking account; can I get a payday advance?

To date I am not aware of any companies that are current providing payday loans to people that do not have any type of bank account. There may be some out there, but I have never heard of them. Even with walk in cash advance stores you still need to provide some type of bank statement or check stub to get a cash advance. I have never actually gone to a cash advance store, because I do not have them in my area, but I am sure they will not let you get a loan without a checking or savings account. How would they get paid back for the loan if they cannot take it from your paycheck on your next payday?

Getting a Cash Advance at a Payday Loan Store.

Why do people like to get a cash advance online with no faxing? Take a look at the process to get a payday loan at a local store.

You have to leave work and go home and get some paperwork, bank statement, pay stub, etc, etc. Then you have to go to the store fill out some forms and complete the documents for your loan. After that you get your money and then have to go back to work if you are approved. That is an hour of time that you are missing from work just to get a payday loan. Your boss is not going to let that fly especially if you are always wait. Get a payday loan that is faxless and save yourself the time and grief of doing all that.





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