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I am curious to see if they will find a way for people to get fast cash loans faster than what is available now with faxless payday loans? Some companies were onto a great idea of providing people with a cash card they can use whenever they need a payday loan. They would signup and every time that they needed a cash loan, they would go to the site and request a loan for usually up to $500. The card would then be credited with the loan amount and they could use the card whenever they needed it. I am not sure if people are still using this, but it really made getting a loan a little too easy. People had access to money basically instantly and as a result I am sure that a lot of people defaulted on their cash advance card loans. This type of system would work well if they started provide the faxless loans with some type of loan payment requirement. People who get a loan would need to wait at least one month before they could get another loan and they would not be able to get another loan until the first loan is paid off.







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