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Really Is this what I need to do?

Well think about what other options are available, debt is not a simple instrument and when you look at how people treat loans you need to really think about what is in your best interests. Sure a payday loan may not seem like the best thing for you, but when you have no other options and its cheaper to pay the fees on a cash advance instead of being late on payments its not a bad idea. Credit card late fees can often be equal to or more than the charge on payday loan especially if you have already missed one payment. Also take into consideration how much money it costs you when you look to get a mortgage and you have negative information like late credit card payments and other information on your credit report. This can really put a damper on the loan rate you receive and can eventually cost you thousands of dollars because for one reason you did not have the $100 or even $50 to make a payment on a utility bill or some other type of bill that was due at a certain date. Companies do not care what your reason is for not being able to pay your bills on time we all know this. They do care however that you them the money you owe and that you continue to pay them on time.

Credit and New Utilities

Your credit also has a big effect on if you are going to receive a new utility like a gas, cable, electric or some other utility bill. You may be required to put down a deposit because of other late payments you made on a past bill or because you did not make payments that where high enough for past expenses.


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